Twyla Valentin
Biographical Info
Birth name

Twyla Valentin



Cause of death

Lena's Claiming

Killed by

Lena Duchannes (unwillingly)

Family Information and Members
Supernatural Info

Caster- Necromancer





First seen

Beautiful Creatures (mentioned)

Last seen

Beautiful Redemption

Twyla Valentin was the sister of Arelia Valentin and Macon, Hunting Ravenwood, and Leah's aunt. She was a powerful Necromancer and had never left New Orleans all her life until she came to Bonaventure Cemetery to perform a Circle of Sight, which called Ethan's mother. When Lena Duchannes chose both Light and Dark, one family member from each side was killed, Larkin Kent from the Dark, and Twyla from the Light.[1] Twyla later guided Aunt Prue into the next life and joins the Greats in the Otherworld.[2]

Physical attributes

Twyla appears to be slightly older than Arelia, and described to have golden skin, which may suggest Creole heritage. Her hair is woven into braids and she wears many strands of different beads. She also has lots of piercings in her ears. 


As a Necromancer, she is able to communicate with the dead and summon them to the world of the living. In Beautiful Darkness, she summoned the spirit of Ethan's mother when she performed the Circle of Sight. 


  • "Lies are da place where darkness grows."
  • "You need some help from La-Bas."
  • "Don't need Charged Matta, cher."
  • "Out of da world into da next"


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