The Mortal Heart
The Mortal Heart
Author(s) Kami Garcia,
Margaret Stohl
Publication date March 10, 2015
Published by Little, Brown
ISBN 9780316303149
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The Seer's Spread

The Mortal Heart is the first novella published in e-book format of the Beautiful Creatures: The Untold Stories.

Book description

Everyone in Gatlin has a story…

Before she met and married Mitchell Wate, the beautiful and brilliant Lila Jane Evers was an honors student at Duke University. Studying late into the night in the rare books library, she is captivated by a single line of text on an old piece of parchment: "In the Light there is Dark, and in the Dark there is Light."

What can it mean?

Then one night, Lila Jane meets a mysterious young man who may have the answer. His name is Macon Ravenwood, and for every secret he reveals, he is hiding another. With Macon's help, Lila Jane uncovers the wonders of the Caster world–the Light and the Dark. But a romance between the Incubus who is fighting his own dark side and this fiercely independent Mortal is doomed from the start. The closer Lila Jane and Macon become, the more her life is in danger.



Interactions with fans

The Mortal Heart official voting process by NOVL

The Mortal Heart official voting process by NOVL.

On February 13, 2015, the official site dedicating to Young Adult books of Little, Brown, NOVL, posted two different covers for fans to vote; the winner of the two was stated to be announced on February 16, 2015 although the next official announcement wasn't posted until February 18, 2015.

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