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The Book of Moons

The Book of Moons is an ancient book of magic. It can be used when the moon is at it's apex, and if the user makes a "trade".

It has a black leather cover with a crescent moon embossed on the front. It has been translated from Latin to English, by someone unknown, but there are many "spelling mistakes" as it was translated at a time when the English written language was different to it's modern day counterpart.


During the Civil War, Genevieve Duchannes tried to resurrect her dead lover, Ethan Carter Wate, using the book, when he was shot in battle. Ethan was revived for only a few moments before going back to the dead by Genevieve's hands when being turned dark by the book. Also, any descendant of hers was to be cursed for their actions forever. They no longer had a choice to claim themselves as the Book would choose instead based on their true nature. Abraham Ravenwood also used the book so that Ravenwood Manor wouldn't be burnt down during the Great Burning by casting the Daemonis Pactum (Demon's Trade). In exchange all Ravenwood Incubuses will have a thirst for mortal blood and will no longer be able to sustain themselves on the thoughts and dreams of mortals.

In modern times, Lena Duchannes used the book to resurrect her dead love Ethan Wate, who had been fatally stabbed by Sarafine, as Genevieve did. The book makes a trade (unknowingly to Lena) for the life of her uncle, Macon Ravenwood. Ethan is revived, but unlike his ancestor Ethan Carter Wate, brought back to life for good.[1]

Abraham Ravenwood used the book to summon Vex to Gatlin.[2]  He also used the book to call Lilum to kill "the One Who is Two" and create a New Order of darkness.[3]


"...Until the darkening bringes the tyme of clayming, at the sixteenth moon, when the person of powere has the freedom of wille & agencie to caste the eternal choice, in the end of daye, or the last moment of the last oure, under the clayming moone..."

"...The clayming, once bound, cannot be unbound, the choice, once cast, cannot be recast.  A person of powere falles into the great darkening or the great light, for all tyme.  If tyme passes & the last oure of the sixteenth moone flees unbound, the order of things is undone.  This must not be.  The Booke will binde that whiche is unbond, for all tyme."

"Amongst personnes of powere, there being twinne forces from whyche spring all magick, the darknesse & the light."

"The greatest of the darknesse being the powere closest to the wold & the undyrwold, the cataclyste. The greatest of the light being the powere closest to the wold & the undyrwold, the natural. Where there is not onne there cannot be the othere, as withoute darknesse there can be no light."

"At the tyme of the clayming, the truthe will be made manifeste.  What appears darkness maye the greatest light, what appears light maye be the greatest darknesse."

"For the dark mattere mayde the dark fyre, & the dark fyre mayde the powers of all lilum in the demon world & casters of darknesse & light.  Without all powere there can be no powere.  The dark fyre mayde the great darknesse & the great light.  All powere is dark powere, as dark powere is even the light."

"The nyght of the clayming being the nyght of greateste weaknesse, whenne the darkenesse withinne enjoins the darkenesse withoute & the personne of powere openness to the greate darkenesse, so stripped of protections, bindings & casts of shielde and immunitie, death, at the houre of clayming, is most finale & eternalle..."


Resurrection Cast

"Cruor pectoris mei, tutela tua est.
Vita vitae meae, corripiens tuam, corripiens meam.
Corpus corporis mei, medulla mensque,
anima animae meae, animam nostram conecte.
Cruor pectoris mei, luna mea, aestus meus.
Cruor pectoris mei. Fatum meum, Mea Salus."

"Blood of my heart, Protection is thine.
Life of my life, taking yours, taking mine.
Body of my body, Marrow and mind,
Soul of my soul, to our spirit bind.
Blood of my heart, my tides, my moon.
Blood of my heart. My salvation, my doom."

Locator Cast

"Ut invenias quod abest.
Expedi nodum, torque et convolve.
Elice hoc vinculum,
Ut inveniam,
Quod desidero,
Quod peto."

"To Find What is Missing
Unravel the tie, twist, and wind
Cast this Bind
So I may find
That which I yearn for
This which I seek."

Daemonis Pactum Cast

"Exscinde, neca, odium, incende; mors portam patefacit." "Destroy, kill, hate; death opens the gate."

Demon Queen Cast

"From blood, ash and sorrow.
For the demons imprisoned below
I call their Creator
To avenge them and to serve"

Demon Cast

"Saguine effuso, atris diebus,
orietur daemonum legio interfectos ulciscatur.
Si ianua notata inveniri non potuerit,
tellus hiscat ut de terra ipsa ianuam offerat."

"On darkest days, when blood is spilled,
A legion of demons, to avenge those killed.
If a marked door cannot be found,
The earth will open, to offer one from the ground."

Unnamed Cast

"From the voices in the Darkness, I come.
From the wounds of the fallen, I am born.
From the despair I brought forth, I am claimed.
From the heart of the book, I hear the call.
When I seek its vengeance, it is answered."



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