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Silas Ravenwood
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Silas Ravenwood


Head of the Syndicate



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Beautiful Creatures (mentioned)

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A Gatlin Wedding

Silas Ravenwood is the son of Jonas Ravenwood, the father of Macon, Hunting and Leah Ann Ravenwood as well as Sarafine and Delphine Duchannes and the grandfather of Lena and Ridley Duchannes. He is the head of the Syndicate. He remains in the shadows for most of the series, and few things are known about him, except that he helped Abraham Ravenwood raise John Breed.


Silas Ravenwood is a Blood Incubus who worked with Abraham in the Syndicate. In his early years, before he Turned, he was married to Arelia Valentin and after she knew her safety was in danger, she fled to New Orleans with Leah Ravenwood. Later on, Silas married Emmaline and fathered Delphine and Sarafine. It is unknown how or when he and Emmaline separated, though it was before the events of Beautiful Creatures.

In the Dangerous Creatures series, Silas tries to get a hold of Link and Ridley since they killed his grandfather. He kidnaps Ridley and does many infusions on her which gives her the powers she has now and drives her away from Link.


As an Incubus, he has a strong amount of physical strength that is compared to a 2x4 impact and high speed.  He can Travel or "Rip" to other places and can hear, see, or smell things no mortal can.  As a Blood Incubus, he feeds on human blood instead of fragments of mortals' memories and dreams.