A Sheer is a soul who haven't been able to cross over to the Otherworld because they have unfinished business in the Caster or Mortal world, such as a powerful curse, lost love, a shattered destiny, and etc.[1].


Ethan Wate, Wesley Lincoln, and Olivia Durand saw a lot of Sheers at Exile, where Liv gave a more clarification of what they were to Link.[1] There were many Sheers at Exile because they were responding to the Vex.[2].


They can pick stuff up, move furniture, slam doors, float off the ground,[1] and kelt, as seen with Genevieve Duchannes.[3] They have specific, seperate casts like the Umbra Cast which sends a shadow from one world to the next and the Veritas Cast which allows the truth to appear as stated by Xavier.[4]

Known Sheers


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