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What's wrong, Lena Beana? Why are you so sad?
— Ryan Duchannes to Lena Duchannes

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Ryan Duchannes is the youngest daughter of Delphine Duchannes and Barclay Kent, the sister of Reece, Ridley, and Larkin Kent and the cousin of Lena Duchannes. Ryan is known to be a Thaumaturge.


Ryan was discovered to be a Thaumaturge, a healer, after she healed Ethan when he had been kissing Lena and was suffering from a heart attack.[1]

Ryan was said to only use her powers when someone was in great pain.[2]

Ryan had reached the age of twelve; therefore, she would still not be claimed for around four more years and was still neither Light or Dark. Lena noted how impossible it was to ignore the extent to which Ryan resembled Ridley.[3]

Ryan attended the graduation with her mother and sister.  She was wearing round sunglasses like Reece.[4]

Ryan received a Rip Letter; thinking it was sent by Ridley as a friendly invitation to see Link's performance, when it was actually from Lennox Gates, Ryan took the letter and appeared at Sirene. Ridley was horror-struck when she saw her little sister at the club that mostly catered to Dark Casters; after a little talk with Lennox to set things straight, Ridley thrusted the same Rip Letter to Ryan before the latter could react and sent her back home, hoping that their mother would be unaware of this incident.[5]



Ryan is known to be 'light' in every way. She is most like an angel: kind, loving, gentle and helpful. Ryan is always truthful to her heart, no matter what. At one point, Lena asked her family to trust her when she needed their help. No one in her family was sure about trusting Lena, as The Book of Moons and Ridley were involved. But Ryan trusted Lena. In result of this, everyone followed in her footsteps. 

Physical attributes

Just like Ridley, Ryan also has blonde hair.


As a Thaumaturge, she can heal injuries and wounds simply by just touching them. She first used this to heal Ethan Wate while he was suffering from a heart attack prior to kissing Lena Duchannes.[1]


  • Delphine Duchannes: Delphine is the mother of Ryan. She is protective over her daughter, and she makes sure that no harm comes her way. She treats Ryan and Reece, as the prize children, only because Reece is claimed for the Light, and Ryan is still unclaimed.
  • Barclay Kent: These two don't really have a relationship except for the ones that are not seen in the books.
  • Reece Duchannes: Reece is the eldest sister of the family, who claimed herself for the light. Reece and Ryan are around each other a lot because of the fact that she claimed herself, and that they live at Ravenwood Manor.
  • Ridley Duchannes: Ridley was ostracized for her being claimed for the Dark. Her family no longer recognizes Ridley as their family. They do care for her, and want the best, but that she's claimed for the Dark. When Ridley arrives to Ravenwood Manor, in Beautiful Creatures she asks Ryan if she was going to give her a hug. Ethan describes that at that moment, as Ryan jumping in the air and freezing. It was done by Macon Ravenwood. He really didn't want Ryan to hug Ridley.
  • Larkin Kent: Larkin Kent was claimed for the Dark, but he said that he was claimed for the light. After Larkin came to his family that he truly was a Dark Caster, they didn't tell his mother only for the sake of sparing her. He later died for Lena's claiming.
  • Lena Duchannes: Lena and Ryan saw a lot of each other since they lived together. And Lena was the first to find out about Ryan's power of being a Thaumaturge. She healed Lena and she also healed Ethan.
  • Macon Ravenwood: Macon Ravenwood is protective over his family. He would even die for them (as seen with Lena) and he lets his half-sister Delphine live with them.
  • Emmaline Duchannes: Emmaline Duchannes is the grandmother of Ryan. When Ethan needed Ryan to heal Mrs. Lincoln, and Macon, Emmaline stepped in and took her place as an Empath she could take someone's powers for a short while. She said that if Ryan went out there she could end up dying because she's unclaimed.
  • Ethan Wate: Not much is said about the relationship of Ethan and Ryan although in Beautiful Darkness when Ethan arrives she jumps on him and gives him a hug. She also heals him whenever he is hurt.

Behind the scenes


  • "If you two do anything disgusting and you need me, I'll be downstairs."
  • "Boo's hurt too!?"
  • "Sis? Is that you? They said you'd gone away!"


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