They're lying! They're looking for something... a book!
— Reece, being able to tell Lena and Ethan are lying, Beautiful Creatures

Reece Duchannes
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Annabel Duchannes





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Caster- Sybil




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Beautiful Creatures

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Dangerous Creatures (mentioned)

Reece Duchannes is the eldest daughter of Delphine Duchannes and Barclay Kent, the older sister of Ridley, Larkin and Ryan Duchannes, and the cousin of Lena Duchannes. She is a Light Sybil, a Caster bound to the Light who can read faces like discovering the truth behind the lies, seeing what they have done, who they have seen, where they have been just by looking into their eyes.


Reece resented her younger sister Ridley after she turned Dark.[citation needed]

Reece was accused on many occasions of looking through Lena's journal,[citation needed] something Lena rarely let anybody touch or look at.

Reece read Ridley and her face dissolved into a murky image of another woman: Mrs. Lincoln/Sarafine Duchannes.[1]  She also read John Breed's face and revealed that he was telling the truth.[2]


Reece is described as a "Know-It-All".[citation needed] She is prone to being a "Goody-Goody" as she always wants to go running to Macon Ravenwood and her mother to tell them everything Lena has done. She is also nosy, as she often invades Lena's privacy and never leaves her alone.

Physical attributes


What the fans picture Reece looking like

She looks a lot like Ridley,[citation needed] except she tends to wear more clothes. She also has long, straight blond hair with a neater version of Ridley's choppy bangs. She doesn't look as dangerous as Ridley in Ethan's opinion. She looks like the kind of girl you would see carrying a stack of books on a fancy college campus. She has the usual green eyes of a Light Caster.


As a Sybil, she is able to "read" faces and seeing who they have, where they have been, discovering the truth behind the lies, and etc. She is not able to read a Palimpsest's mind like her mother because of their blurred mind. 

Behind the scenes


  • "Sorry to disappoint you. He's not evil. He's just a jerk. Sometimes it's a fine line."
  • "What are you doin' here, Ridley?"


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