Prudence Statham
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Prudence Jane Statham


Aunt Prue



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Beautiful Creatures

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Beautiful Redemption

Prudence Jane Statham, commonly known as "Aunt Prue", was the eldest of Ethan Wate's Great Aunts. She, like all of her sisters, were extremely religious and contain knowledge back from when they were young; even though they could just barely remember it. Ethan visited them every Saturday and often came to them for help during his troubles in the Caster world. She died on the night that the Vexes attack the city. When she died,[1] she had her funeral planned out to every single detail (even having her guest list planned out and who was/wasn't to attend, who she wanted to arrange her flowers and the catering and such), surprising Ethan that she would have such a thing planned. Before going to the afterlife, she was guided by Ethan, who helped her reach the golden gate to her final resting place.

She was one of the rare Mortals aware of the existence of the Caster world, contrary to her sisters. She also was the author of a map of the Tunnels,[citation needed] having completed a big part of them, from Gatlin to far away locations. Aunt Prue helped Ethan in his long and hard journey to return to the Mortal World and was even the one to tell him that his death was originally planned to have never occurred at all.[2]


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