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Dangerous Dream

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Dangerous Deception

Necro (born Esparanza) is a Dark Necromancer (hence her nickname Necro) and the keyboardist of the band Sirensong, which was formerly known as the Devil's Hangmen.


Being a Necromancer and taking side jobs from Lennox Gates, Necro was first seen being possessed in action by Abraham Ravenwood when Abraham requested a meeting with Lennox.[1]

Necro lived in apartment #2D in New York City, with her Dark Illusionist friend and bandmate Floyd. She sent Ridley Duchannes the text "puking clown myrtle duane", which was supposed to be giving Ridley and Link directions to apartment #2D.[2]

While being possessed one morning by Abraham Ravenwood, Abraham presses a knife to her throat. During the rehearsal performance onstage later that day, she faints, due to the Dark Magic involved in that wound. She later wakes up, after Nox reverses the Dark Magic from the knife.[3]

When questioned about her abilities, Necro states, "I'm a Necromancer. My whole life is one giant phone call to the Otherworld."



Necro is determined and brave, and she doesn't like to be left behind or used. This trait is especially seen when she finds out that Lennox Gates was using her to talk to Abraham Ravenwood.

Physical attributes

Ridley describes Necro as having a blue faux-hawk.[4] She also has many facial piercings.[5]


As a Necromancer, she is able to communicate with the dead and summon them to the world of the living. Unlike average Necromancers, she can see apparitional residue.



Although not particularly obvious, Necro and Sampson have chemistry. Sampson, a commonly intimidating and tough character, is seen to have feelings for Necro. Sampson tried to stop her from entering the Gardette-LePretre House. Necro says to this, "Are you trying to get rid of me?" to which he replies, "Or save your life, depending on how you look at it." This followed by Necro's comprehension of his intentions, and Sampson then gives her a "rare smile". When the Sheers in the house step inside Necro's body, Sampson is the first to react and shouts, "Get the hell out of her!" When Necro comes to, and the group manage to escape the Sheers, Sampson is holding her. "When she opened her eyes again, she glanced down at Sampson's arms wrapped around her. [...] Link couldn't swear to it, but it looked like Sam was blushing."[6]


  • "Hey, a job's a job. And you're the one who said you wanted one,"
  • "You really are gifted."
  • "That's what I thought."


  • Despite having a known birth name, Floyd says Necro will "kick [one's] butt" if one calls her that.[7]


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