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Typical Mortal classroom

Mortals are humans who have no magical powers. They can perform Casts, but it takes a lot of effort and they are not meant or supposed to.[citation needed] Some Dark Casters and Blood Incubuses want to wipe out the race of Mortals, because they believe that they are useless and weak and shouldn't be the ones running things throughout the world. 


Mortals and Casters are never meant to be "in love," because of the bad history the subject is known to have in Caster/Mortal history, such as the case of the passionate romance between Genevieve Duchannes and Ethan Carter Wate which ended cursing generations of Duchanne family to come on account of their love for each other. When a Caster and a Mortal touch the Mortal is shocked with a huge jolt of electricity able to kill them. 


Mortals live for a short-period of time and sometimes die before they are meant to. They're not considered "immortal" because they do in fact die. Mortals can also be turned into Incubuses if they're bitten by one, such as in the case of Wesley Lincoln.


  • Seer: A Mortal having the gift of sight, like Amma.
  • Bokor: A Mortal who performs voodoo to hurt and destroy.[citation needed]
  • Wayward: While being a Mortal, having a very strong connection to the caster world and is the bridge between the caster and mortal world, such as a case with Ethan Wate.

Known Mortals