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Mitchell Wate is the husband of the late Lila Evers and father of Ethan Wate. He was raised by Amarie Treadeau in his childhood, just as his son. When his beloved wife Lila was killed, it had struck him severely, resulting in him becoming a shut-in and remaining in his and Lila's study, supposedly writing. This became the cause of Amma being forced to take full parental role over Ethan and more or less raising him herself.

Ethan later on discovered his father had never written once during his many months of being a isolation and confronted him about his months of lies. Mitchell revealed that being where Lila had spent her time reading and with her beloved books, had made him feel closer to her despite her death. He then eventually began to slowly recover from his depression (due to admittance at a facility) over his late wife's death. He eventually did, in fact, write a novel and began to write another one entitled The Eighteenth Moon which worried Ethan and Amma given the history and events previously.[1] Mitchell received help for this book from Mrs. English, Ethan's English teacher, who later became Mitchell's girlfriend.[citation needed]

Mitchell had no knowledge or idea of Ethan's death and was put under a spell believing his son was simply spending time with his Aunt Caroline in another State.[2] Whenever his suspicions did arise, the spell was simply recast on him, wiping away any doubt of Ethan's true whereabouts. This being done for the sake of not hurting him with Ethan's true death. He attended Ethan's graduation in and he was dating Mrs. English.[3]


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