Mercy Statham
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Mercy Lynne Statham



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Beautiful Creatures

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Beautiful Redemption

Mercy Lynne Statham is one of the Sisters, who are Ethan Wate's great-great-aunts.


Mercy Statham has been married several times. It is also known that has a Siamese cat named Lucille Ball, who she 'exercises' on a clothesline. Mercy has a made-up swear word (conchashima) that she refuses to reveal the meaning of and uses it for occasions when she especially wants to irritate her sisters. While no one knows her age or which of her sisters she's older/younger than, it is stated that she, along with her sisters, are all well over a hundred.


  • "Ethan, you didn't ask that girl ta get nekkid, did ya?"[citation needed]
  • "The ASPCA! Those murderers. They'll kill 'em for sure!"
  • "We looked it up on the E-nternet."
  • "I only collect the states a the Confed'racy."
  • "You can't learn ta fly 'cause you ain't got no wings. It wouldn't make a lick a sense ta build stairs ta the moon 'cause they don't have any breathin' air up there. And that boy's name is George Clooney, and Thelma can't marry him 'cause he lives all the way over there in Hollywood and he's not even a Methodist."
  • "What, fanny? Fanny, fanny, fanny!"
  • "Ethan, don't tell me you're thinkin' a takin' a young lady upstairs. That wouldn't be proper."
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