The following is a list of characters from the The Caster Chronicles (also known as the Beautiful Creatures series).

Main Characters

  • Ethan Wate - The main character of the series and whose perspective the series is ultimately told from. He meets Lena Duchannes, the new girl in Gatlin, who appears to be the same girl whom he has been having dreams about. He eventually discovers she is a Caster (in other terms known as a witch) and is soon introduced to the Caster world he never knew existed. He soon leads to make other discovers that his family, including himself, are more involved in the Caster world beyond what he could have ever imagined. He falls in love with Lena and finds himself fighting beyond all odds in order to be with her since their species can never be together (sexually/physically, therefore cutting off all hope for a future, since it would result in death for the mortal). He soon also discovers he is a rare type of mortal known as a Wayward, the "bridge" between the Caster and Mortal worlds or a "human compass" in the Caster world. He later finds out he is the One Who Is Two, the required sacrifice in the third novel, and is forced to kill himself in order to save the worlds from destruction; devastating his friends and loved ones.
  • Lena Duchannes - The secondary proganist of the novel series. She is a Caster and the new girl in Gatlin in the beginning of the series. She is bullied due to her family and their repuation to be "freaks" and ultimately becomes an outcast in town. Lena meets Gatlin teenage resident Ethan Wate, with whom she falls passionately in love with. She struggles to control her dark and powerful abilities often finding herself at a loss of control with them. Her ultimate fear is becoming Dark, as did her mother, and becoming a cruel and heartless person.
  • Wesley "Link" Lincoln - Ethan's best friend since their childhood, son of Mrs. Lincoln and the on/off boyfriend of Ridley Duchannes. He is shown to be goofy and joking, but expresses a serious side when it comes to Ridley; with whom he falls in love with. He discovers the existence of the Caster world and discovers Ridley is a Dark Siren, but loves her anyway despite how she constantly messes with his head and emotions. In the second novel of the series, he gets bitten by John Breed and turns into an Incubus. As a result of this, many girls develop an infatuation with him, flirting him; inciting vicious jealousy in Ridley though she denies any feelings towards him.
  • Ridley Duchannes - Lena's Siren cousin and ex-childhood best friend and the on/off girlfriend of Link. She turned Dark on her 16th Moon and left Lena to avoid harming anyone she loved. She makes a re-apperance in a year in Beautiful Creatures with a new cocky and rebellious personality. She falls in love with Ethan's childhood best friend, Link. However, her outright refusal to admit she loves him causes heavy complications in their on/off relationship.