Macon Ravenwood's funeral is in the back of the book of Beautiful Creatures and in Beautiful Darkness.

Macon Ravenwood was killed by Lena Duchannes on accident, by her "claiming." She attempted to resurrect Ethan Wate but killed Macon in the process.



His eyes were a dark contrast to his hair, which made him seem like some creepy character from an old black and white movie. "The Gravecaster," Amma whispered. He looked more like the gravedigger
— Ethan about the appearance of the Gravecaster


He touched the smooth black wood, and a carved crest on top of the coffin began to glow with a golden light. It looked like some old coat of arms, the kind of thing you saw at a museum or in a castle. I saw a tree with great spreading boughs, and a bird. Beneath it there was a carved sun, and a crescent moon
— Ethan about the Coffin

  "Macon Ravenwood of the House of Ravenwood, of Raven and Oak, Air and Earth. Darkness and Light"


Macon's funeral was attended by his family, and close friends. His family (ie. Lena, Del, Gramma, Ryan, Reece) and the rest of his family consisting of all Incubuses were there.

Ethan Wate ran into an Incubus named Scarface. Ethan was walking to Lena and the man looked at Ethan and used his powers to push him away. Amma looked at the Succubus next to him, whom put her hands on his shoulder and instantly Ethan was freed.


When the family "cast" him to the Otherworld, Lena freaked out. She started using her powers, to destroy everything. She was making everything fly around, in which she was the only one standing still. Gramma used her Empath powers to halt Lena from making anymore destruction, and instantly it stopped pouring rain, and only drizzled lightly.

Strange Guy

Not much is known about this guy, except for the fact that he gave Lena something metal, (in-which earlier his family threw over Macon's grave)- he said "Sorry for your loss." After which he traveled before the sun came out and escaped. Lena slept for a night and a day, and Ethan saw the metallic thing, which turned out to be a sparrow.