The Lilum, also known as the Demon Queen,[citation needed] usually inhabits the body of Lillian English.[citation needed]  She controls the Wheel of Fate.[1]


Early Life

The Lilum has no parents.[citation needed] She has the most power in all the worlds, and Light and Dark possess no meaning for her. She was born from the Dark Fire, where all power was created.


The Lilum's true form is nameless, formless and omnipotent.[citation needed] She is neither light nor dark- she is the balance of all the worlds and the barrier between the Caster/Mortal world and the Demon world.[citation needed]

The only object known to be able to control the Lilum is the Caster Chronicles, the most powerful book of all magic.[citation needed]

To summon the Demon Queen, you need to recite the following passage from The Book of Moons:

"From blood, ash and sorrow.
For the demons imprisoned below
I call their Creator
To avenge them and to serve"


  • "I am the Lilum. Time. Truth. Destiny. The Endless River. The Wheel of Fate. You do not command me."[citation needed]
  • "There are always consequences."[citation needed]


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