You'll do the right thing Ethan. And if you don't, the right thing will find you.
— Lila, assuring Ethan he'll do the right thing, Beautiful Chaos

Lila Evers Wate
Biographical Info
Birth name

Lila Jane Evers


Unknown (33 approx)



Cause of death

Car accident

Killed by

Sarafine Duchannes

Family Information and Members
Love interest(s)
Supernatural Info

Mortal- Keeper



  • Kelting
  • Reaching into minds
  • Change into ghost (only when alive)
First seen

Beautiful Darkness

Last seen

The Mortal Heart

Lila Jane Wate (née Evers) was the wife of Mitchell Wate and mother of Ethan Wate. She had been married to Mitchell for some years and shared a very close bond with them before her abrupt and tragic death around five months before Lena Duchannes moved to Gatlin.[1] It was later revealed that her death had been caused by Sarafine.[citation needed]


Prior to her death, she was happily married to Mitchell Wate and had a son, Ethan, with him. She was a Civil War historian from Savannah, Georgia and before she passed away, she and Ethan were close—he could tell her anything. Lila and her son are shown to even have quite a bit in common. For one thing, she loved the library and Ethan has a guilty pleasure of reading classic novels. Unbeknownst to her son and husband, Lila and her long time best friend Marian Ashcroft were working on a biography of Genevieve Duchannes and Ethan Carter Wate. She had led a double life as the Caster Librarian—having heavy knowledge about Casters and magic. She also worked at the public Gatlin County Library, having a strong passion for novels. Her life came to a tragic end when she was killed in a car accident. It is not until after her death that Ethan discovers she was actually the head of the Caster Library hidden below the Gatlin town library where she was often seen at.

It had been left assumed the car accident that killed her was just that - an accident - before it was revealed in Beautiful Darkness that the accident was actually caused by Sarafine who wanted her dead. Also in the novel, it was also shockingly discovered that previously, before meeting and marrying Mitchell, she was involved in a passionate romance and was the lover of Lena's uncle Macon Ravenwood; loving him very deeply and dearly. However, due to his growing dark nature as an Incubus, he ended things for the sake of her safety, breaking her heart as well as his. Despite her passionate love for Macon, it is said that she loved Mitchell just as much as she did him.


Lila is shown to be very loving, warm and kind. She is told to smell like tomatoes frying and of creosote she often used to cover her books with.

Before her death, she worked in the Gatlin library and loved novels and books. It is told she had books everywhere - in her car, a pile by the stairs, on the kitchen table, by her bed, outside - and always used any object as a book mark (a spoon, an apple core, paper, etc). She meant the world to Ethan and Mitchell, her death hitting them hard causing Mitchell to lock himself away in his room.

Powers and Abilities

Lila had the power of reaching into someone's mind. She could turn herself into a Sheer and back to a human. Though after her death, she often does her best to help her loved ones in her ghostly position, including Macon, whom she saved from crossing over by storing him inside the Arclight where he could be saved and return to the mortal world again. She often visits Ethan when she can, always as a ghost, giving him advice and reassuring him when he is distressed. When Ethan was dead, she was able to Kelt with him to get him to the Mortal world.


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