Lennox Gates
Biographical Info
Birth name

Lennox Gates


Club owner





Family Information and Members
  • Unnamed mother †
  • Unnamed father †
  • Unnamed younger sister
Love interest(s)

Ridley Duchannes (in love with)

Supernatural Info

Caster/Seer - Siren-Born

First seen

Dangerous Dream

Last seen

Dangerous Deception

Lennox "Nox" Gates is the owner of many Caster Clubs, most notably the club Sirene. Sirene was later revealed to be built for Ridley Duchannes, who Nox had fallen in love with. Lennox, although unwillingly, had been Abraham Ravenwood's errand boy, due to family ties.


Early Life

Not much is known about Lennox Gates' early life. It is clear that he now wants to avenge his mother's hardships, which she underwent under Abraham Ravenwood's control. When Nox was a young boy, Abraham experimented on Nox's mother because she was a Siren.

Lennox was the boy Ridley met on the beach in Barbados when she was younger. During that encounter, Nox used his power of Persuasion to make Ridley want to kiss him; it almost worked, but Ridley snapped out of it and used the same trick on him instead.[1]

Meeting Ridley once again in New York

At Suffer, Nox beat Ridley in a game of Liar's Trade, which forced Ridley to owe him two marker, including finding a replacement drummer for the band Devil's Hangmen.[2] Ridley then steered her then-on-and-off boyfriend Wesley Lincoln to try out for the said band, hence reencountering Nox again, this time at the club, Sirene.[3]

Physical attributes

Lennox is described to be a extremely good-looking guy with a compact athletic build. He has caramel-colored hair that falls around his face and almost curls in places, especially near his neck. He has tanned skin as well as chisled features. He also has dark gold-flecked eyes. He often wears dark clothes, including leather jackets and jeans. He is also described to look like a Greek sculpture, lean and muscular.[4]

Powers and abilities

Nox's mother was a Siren and his father was a Seer. He inherited both of their powers. As a Siren-Born, he can make people do whatever he wants. He also has the Sight, which allows him to see other people's futures when he stares into fire.

He can also presumably Kelt,[citation needed] and can also throw down a Temporal Distortion, which means he can make anyone disappear temporarily.[citation needed]

His other powers, such as Shape Shifting, are ones that he won in Liars Trade. He can also Rip, though only through Rip Letters.


Ridley Duchannes

Lennox' relationship with Rid was at first hostile and unfriendly. This was due to the fact that he can make her do whatever he wants her to do, using the Marker he won in the Liars Trade game. Nox would tease her relentlessly, and Ridley would throw back her own insults, much to Nox's delight. Lennox is shown to be one of the only people who get to her. Soon, however, Nox begins to fall for Rid, resulting in conflicting feelings and a reluctance to hand her over to Silas Ravenwood who wants to avenge his great-grandfather, Abraham Ravenwood's, death. Despite this, Nox knows he has no choice, and proceeds with what Silas wants him to do.


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