"Luckily, I am."
— Leah, telling Macon, Olivia and Ethan that she can take on Incubuses.

Leah Ravenwood
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Leah Ann Ravenwood





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Beautiful Darkness

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Beautiful Redemption

Leah Ann Ravenwood is the daughter of Silas Ravenwood and Arelia Valentin, the sister of Macon and Hunting Ravenwood and the half-sister of Delphine and Sarafine and the aunt of Lena and Ridley. She is a Light Succubus. Before Prudence Statham died, Leah was there to watch over her.


Early Life

When Arelia Valentin fled to New Orleans, she took Leah with her. Therefore Leah spent most of her life being raised by a Light Caster, and did not see much of her father and brothers.

Leah first appeared at Macon Ravenwood's funeral.[1] When Ethan is attacked by Scarface, Leah forces the Incubus to let go of him. Amarie Treadeau glances at her gratefully, but Leah ignores her. After Lena's grief causes a storm to appear, Leah is described as being 'disheveled' and glances at the sky and mentions that it is almost dawn. She leaves with the other Incubuses.

Leah reappeared at the Great Barrier when Ethan Wate, Ridley, Macon, Link and Liv are planning how to enter the cave and save Lena from the Dark Casters. She volunteers to go with the Mortals into the cave and is eager to fight, though Macon worries for her safety. She is happy to see Macon alive again.  

Physical attributes

Leah is described as having brown hair, wearing a long black coat with a high neck and wrecked black boots.[2]  She is seen carrying a Succubine Staff and being followed by her pet, Bade.


As a Succubus, she is quicker, stronger, and more clever than an Incubus.  She has a strong amount of physical strength that is compared to a 2x4 impact and high speed.  She can Travel or "Rip" to other places and can hear, see, or smell things no mortal can.  She can also feed on fragments of mortals' memories and dreams to sustain herself.


Leah has a mountain lion called Bade, it is her supernatural companion. They have the same connection as Boo and Macon/Lena and Lucille and Ethan.


  • "My brother speaks the truth. Our family supports him, and the Keeper. You should know that before you continue down this road. She doesn't stand alone."
  • "This isn't just a Caster battle, not anymore. If the Order is destroyed, we may be destroyed with it."
  • "You're the talk of the Tunnels. Word on the street is my big brother's taking on Abraham. And I heard he isn't too pleased with you."
  • "And it's about time someone taught Hunting some manners. My motives are pure, like the heart of a Succubus."
  • "This is a Succubine Staff, not a stick. And I'm not a girl. I'm a Succubus. When it comes to our kind, the females have the advantage. We are quicker, stronger, and more clever than our male counterparts. Think of me as the praying mantis of the supernatural world."
  • "Don't worry, big brother. I have a pet of my own."
  • "Green, eh? That will take some getting used to."


  • She is one of the only people who can make Macon Ravenwood smile.[citation needed]
  • Bade is named after a volatile voodoo god.[citation needed]
  • She has a history with the Ethan´s family, since she taken cared in the Ethan's aunt, Prue when she has in the hospital.


  • Chapter 36: Army of One
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