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It's a whole lot more fun being Dark than Light
— Larkin, explaining why he chose to be Dark, Beautiful Creatures

Larkin Kent
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Lena's Claiming

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Lena (unwillingly)

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Beautiful Creatures

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Beautiful Darkness

Larkin Kent was the son of Delphine Duchannes and Barclay Kent, brother of Reece, Ridley and Ryan Duchannes and the cousin Lena Duchannes. He was a powerful Dark Illusionist, someone who can cast and change the appearance of an object or person. Larkin was at first believed to be a Light Caster, but later revealed himself actually as a Dark Caster.[1]


Larkin Kent was very helpful and helped Marian with the Lunae Libri. He protected it from thieving eyes, as he was an Illusionist. This occurred after he helped Lena escape Macon Ravenwood's watchful eye and go to the surprise party, which was really a trap, leading her straight to Sarafine Duchannes.

The women in the Duchannes line, traditionally, keep their last name. When explaining as to why he chose to be a bad guy, he explained, "It's a whole lot more fun being Dark than Light".

Larkin was killed when Lena's Claiming as both Dark and Light required the sacrifice of two of her relatives, one from each side.[2]


As an Illusionist, he is able to change the appearance of an object or person, but not the actual object itself. He made his eyes look the green eyes of a Light Caster and was really a Dark Caster. He made his arms into snakes and his eyes into snake eyes.[3] His powers are comparable to that of a Shifter, and is typically seen as less than, but that may not always be the case.


  • Delphine Duchannes: His mother. She sees him as one of her good children, because she saw him as a "Light Caster". After he disappears with Sarafine and Hunting, no one had the heart to tell her that her son was actually Dark.
  • Barclay Kent: His father. They're seen to be around each other quite a lot. Their powers are similar, although his father has different abilities than Larkin. His father being a Shifter, Barclay is able to actually change things, while Larkin can only change their appearance. Lena explains in the first book that relatives sometimes have similar abilities, as with Larkin and Barclay.
  • Reece Duchannes: His oldest sister. Their relationship isn't really seen much. Also he used his powers to trick her along with the rest of the family that he was claimed for the light when he turned 16.
  • Ridley Duchannes: His older sister. Ridley was claimed for the Dark and Larkin eventually claimed the Dark. They don't have much of a close relationship seen in the books, but it's assumed that they were close only because of them both working for Sarafine. However, another contradicting theory exists - Ridley may actually despise Larkin for choosing the Dark, since she never had a choice.
  • Ryan Duchannes: His younger sister. Their relationship isn't seen much either. Although, Larkin died before Ryan could mature. Ryan was a Thaumaturge and is considered to be claimed for the Light due to her nature of that of a healer.
  • Macon Ravenwood: His uncle. Macon is considered to be a "second father" because of how he treats Larkin. He treats Larkin as a son, but still respects him.
  • Lena Duchannes: His cousin. Lena and Larkin were friends, and they didn't seem to have a bad relationship. It only went bad when Larkin revealed himself as Dark instead of Light, and that he was naturally working for Sarafine.
  • Ethan Wate: Ethan and Larkin had a small relationship. They seemed to respect each other, up until Larkin came out as him being Dark.[1]

Film portrayal

Larkin was portrayed by actor Kyle Gallner in the film adaptation of Beautiful Creatures. Unlike his book character, Larkin appears to be truly Light in the series, never coming out as Dark, even helping Macon to spare Ethan's life in the movie by pretending to be him (Macon) at a family gathering for Lena's Claiming.



  • Larkin is apparently very fond of snakes as he keep making himself look like he has snakes for arms and have a snake tongue.
  • Larkin is the youngest character to die, if not counting Ethan Wate.
  • Larkin said something Ryan said in the book in the film adaptation - "Sis, is that you?"
  • Larkin is the first Caster to switch sides, before Ridley and John.


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