Keepers are mortals that are in charge of maintaining the Caster libraries all over the world.  Keepers are forbidden to interfere and get involved in Caster business, only learn about it, but are allowed to interfere in Mortal business.  In the movie, Seers like Amma are Keepers and have been Seers for centuries. Amma is also seen as assisting Macon and Lena when they are looking for things in the library but in a more assistive role than an active researcher. Liv was a Keeper-in-training but she participated in a Cast to release Macon from the Arclight and got involved.  Lila and Marian are the only known Keepers at the Lunae LibriXavier was a Keeper before Angelus turned him into a hideous creature and made him the gatekeeper of the Otherworld/Far Keep.

Known Keepers