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John Breed
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18 (as of Beautiful Redemption)



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Olivia Durand

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Caster/Incubus hybrid

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Beautiful Darkness

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Dangerous Deception

John Breed is a Caster-Incubus hybrid, a child of an Evo, Casters who can morph into a Mortal for a short time, and a Blood Incubus. He is both Caster and Incubus. He was the mystery person Lena Duchannes was often seen with, comforting her in her depression over her uncle's death, inciting jealousy in Ethan Wate.[1]


Little is known about his past since he had been taken in by Abraham Ravenwood and was used as his puppet to do his deed and dirty work.[citation needed] He falls in love with Olivia Durand and sheds his cocky attitude and evolves as a person, becoming deeply protective of her.[citation needed]


John Breed was adopted and taken in by Abraham Ravenwood at an early age in his childhood and raised by him. His birth parents are unknown. John was presumably born as a hybrid, Incubus and Caster, and easily adapted to his powers and abilities.[citation needed] He was often used by Abraham like a puppet, always doing his dirty work and deeds. John always blacked out during these times and woke up not knowing what had happened.

John first appears as the mysterious stranger Lena is often seen with during her time grieving Macon Ravenwood's death.[2] He comforted her during her grieving and seems to "totally get her". He is shown to be hated by Ethan because of his growing closeness and connection with Lena throughout Beautiful Darkness and John is shown to seemingly dislike him back, even fighting with him at the county fair. He convinces Lena to take off with him and Ridley to a place where no one will judge her and she could be herself, which turns out to be a con in order to bring her to Abraham to force her to Turn Dark. He is shown to bond with Lena during the trip there, growing even closer to her, which Ethan witnesses through visions caused by Lucille Ball, his aunt's Caster cat. During the climax of the novel, John bites Link, accidentally turning him into an Incubus hybrid.

John did not make another appearance it is revealed he was being used as Ridley Duchannes's personal Caster (since she was a short lived mortal and unable to perform casts).[3] And also it is shown how he could not recall much of what had happened previously; presumably being another black out since Abraham was using him.

He grows close to Liv while she studies him for her research with Macon in Beautiful Chaos. As a result of his bonding with her, he falls in love with her, also opening a new softer and kind side no one thought he could have. As a result of his new-found love for Olivia, he grows to be very protective of her, even threatening to kill Ethan if he hurts her when he believes himself to be the needed-to-be sacrifice and is about to kill himself. (Though he is saved before he could actually commit the sacrifice. He is now a better person because of Liv.)



He is cocky and often swoons girls as a result of his Incubus blood. Though he's initially not very nice, after growing close to Liv John begins to evolve as a person. He soon begins to lose his usual cocky and bad boy attitude, becoming more sensitive and kind, especially towards Liv, even calling her "sweetheart". He also comes as moral support for Ethan when Ethan goes to commit his needed sacrifice.[4] This causing Ethan to realize that falling in love can change a person in dramatic ways, given John's past nature and his now good guy behavior and personality on account of falling and changing for Liv.

Physical attributes

John Breed on his motorcycle

John is shown to have short black hair, caster green eyes which turn incubus black when angry, and a ripped build due to being an Incubus. He also had a tattoo on his arm when he was Dark.


Being an Incubus-Caster hybrid, he has a strong amount of physical strength that is compared to a 2x4 impact and high speed. He can "Rip" or Travel to other places and also hear, smell, and see things that no Mortal can.

He is probably best known for his ability to absorb powers of the Casters he touches, therefore gaining their powers though this does not remove the power from the person whose powers he absorbed. He refers to his gained powers as a "collection". He gained the powers of a Natural after he touched Lena and gained the powers of a Cypher after he hanged around one at Exile in Beautiful Darkness. He also absorbed the power of a Thaumaturge after he bumped into one. He absorbed the powers of Angelus and also Macon's which means he can read Mortals' minds,[5] channel energy, and mindhunt. He also absorbed Ridley's Siren powers as mentioned by Lena in the series.  It is unknown what other powers he absorbed and is part of his "collection". He is also impervious to sunlight and can retain his strength without feeding and is, as said by Abraham, "an Incubus with all of our strengths and none of our weaknesses".


Olivia "Liv" Durand

John first meets Liv in the second book of the series, but does not truly get to know her until third book, when she begins to study his past and life as research for her and Macon studying Lena's Claiming effect on the Order between the Mortal and Caster worlds as well as research on Abraham. At first their relationship was just purely platonic since Liv is shown to be somewhat wary of him due to his actions in the second novel. Liv, henceforth, had something of a guard up around him though she often gently defended him when Ethan would get too cold with him in her opinion. Though throughout their time together, a strong romantic tension forms between them as John slowly begins to open up and evolve as a person. As a result of his growing romantic closeness with Liv, John slowly loses his cocky attitude and facade as he begins to fall for her. Soon, he admits his love for her and Liv reciprocates his feelings.  He gives her his mother's gold bracelet that is inscribed in Niadic. 

As a result of his love for her, John becomes very protective of Liv, often shoving her behind him when danger comes and even threatening to kill Ethan if he does anything to hurt her when he is about to kill himself believing himself to be the needed sacrifice to fix the broken Order. He even tells Liv he had nothing in his life until he met her and she made his life all the more worth living. Despite their love, fans have speculated how they can be together physically since Casters and Mortals cannot be together in such an intimate way. It is said by Lena it likely due to how John is a hybrid and not a full blooded Caster.[6]

Abraham Ravenwood

Abraham Ravenwood is his adoptive father who raised him since he was a child. He often used him to do his dirty work using him like a puppet; which often caused John to black out and to wake up with no memory of what had happened. Abraham seemed to only have kept him to use him for his own gain, but there have been hints that he may have loved him like that of a son since he grew angry when he could not find his location and find him in a father-like way. Before that he was a blood feeding Incubus who asked John Breed to practically kidnap Lena Duchannes, and bring her to him and Sarafine to force her to go dark.  

Lena Duchannes

John first meets Lena in the second novel of the series. He comforts her during Macon's death and grows close to her inciting jealousy in Ethan. He seemed to understand her more than anyone else and was often seen with her time and again. As a result of his closeness with her, he convinced her to take off with him and Ridley to a place where she could be herself; which was really a con to transfer her to Abraham and Sarafine to force her to turn Dark. Lena, in a fragile and weak emotional state, agreed and even forced herself to break up with Ethan believing he was better off without her in his life.

When Ridley eventually left the group to secretly aid Ethan, Link and Liv to find Lena aware of the trap, John and Lena grew even closer as he began comforting her in her weak state seeming to genuinely understand her (though Lena says that nothing "like that" occurred between them and that he was just a good friend towards her). This inciting even more jealousy on Ethan's part who was secretly watching these moments in visions due to Lucille ball, his aunts' cat. But even John could tell that Lena, despite severing ties with him, was still in love with Ethan and tried to convince her Ethan was just holding her back from her true nature and power when sensing she was greatly worried about Ethan's safety. (Though Lena thought this was the other way around for her and Ethan and that she was holding him back from a normal life.) He eventually gives her to Sarafine and Abraham, though their plans fails when Macon, Ethan, Link and Liv and Ridley and others show up.

Lena feels betrayed by John due to him pretending to have been her friend was all just a con to help Sarafine and Abraham, though things smooth over in time and they are left as friends.[7]

Ethan Wate

John and Ethan were shown to have very hostile and tense relationship due to Ethan's high jealousy of John's closeness with Lena.[8] Ethan is shown to be revolted by John and hating him greatly not trusting him at all. John, for some reason though possibly because of Ethan's hatred for him, dislikes him just as much back. He and Ethan's relationship continues to be hostile since Ethan was still fuming with anger at him for his past actions in the second novel of the series.

However, after John falls for Liv and sheds his cocky attitude and begins to evolve as a person and become better in personality, he and Ethan make something of amends since, in his own words, "falling in love can do that to a person". John even attends Ethan's sacrifice saying that "when you're up there" making the jump is the hardest thing to do and comes as support for Ethan, by then completely cementing a friendship together. 


  • "Sorry to disappoint you."
  • "That's not true. I didn't know what they were gonna do. Bring me the Bible. The Book of Moons. Whatever you want. I'll swear on it." 
  • "Got room for two more?" 

Film portrayal

As John Breed only appears in the second, third and fourth books of The Caster Chronicles series, the role has not been defined yet.

Notes and Trivia

  • John Breed is the first hybrid in the series.
  • He is the third Caster to transit affiliations, other than Genevieve and Macon.


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