Ethan Carter Wate
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Killed by

Genevieve Duchannes

Family Information and Members
  • Lawson Wate (brother)[citation needed]
  • Ellis Wate (brother)[citation needed]
  • Mitchell Wate (descendent)
  • Ethan Wate (descendent)
Love interest(s)

Genevieve Duchannes

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First seen

Beautiful Creatures

Last seen

Beautiful Redemption

Ethan Carter Wate is the ancestor of Mitchell Wate and his son, Ethan Wate, who was named after him.


He was a soldier in the Civil War, but he deserted in order to live in peace with the love of his life, Genevieve Duchannes. However, he died while he was running away to save Genevieve and her family, who stayed in Greenbrier despite the fact that the soldiers were approaching. He was accidentaly shot dead in the course of the fight and, devastated, Genevieve tried to revive him using the Book of Moons. Nevertheless, the Book made a bargain- her whole Caster descendants would be cursed, unable to choose freely between the Light or the Dark, and she would become a Dark Caster, for the life of Ethan - which, in the end, was not fully respected. Ethan was indeed given his life back, but only for a few seconds.

Afterwards, Ethan's soul was trapped in Limbo, under the control of Angelus and the Caster Chronicles, and Genevieve ended as a wandering soul, watching after her family.