Empath is a term for a Caster who is able to duplicate another Caster's powers and be able to use it for a certain amount of time.


Emmaline Duchannes duplicated Ryan's power so that she could go and heal Macon and Mrs. Lincoln while Lena and Sarafine were fighting during her Sixteenth Moon. Ryan wasn't allowed to go out because she was too young and couldn't protect herself.  In Beautiful Darkness, she duplicated Lena's Natural powers to calm the storm Lena was creating.In Beautiful Chaos, Emmaline also duplicated the powers of her daughter, Sarafine. She held her cane out to her and it began to glow a golden light. She also used her power to channel Macon's power in the circle to give Ethan the Book of Moons in Beautiful Redemption.


  • Empathy: They can duplicate another Caster's powers for a certain period of time.

Known Empath