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Emmaline Duchannes





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Silas Ravenwood

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Beautiful Creatures

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A Gatlin Wedding

Emmaline Duchannes is the daughter of Katherine Duchannes and James Harnett, sister of Althea, mother of Sarafine and Delphine Duchannes and the former lover of Silas Ravenwood. Despite her former lover being a Blood Incubus and one of her daughters going Dark, she herself is a Light Empath, meaning she can copy the powers of other Casters around her for a short amount of time. For many years she took care of Lena and Lena refers to her as "Gramma".


She first appears on Lena's sixteenth birthday. When Lena finally arrives downstairs she is shocked to see her Gramma and they embrace each other in a hug. Lena didn't think she'd come but she said it was an easy trip. While they were celebrating, she was in charge of cutting the cake. While eating cake, Lena cuddled with her Gramma. Ethan was just about to meet Gramma when the surprise party from Ridley and Link began.[1]

When Ridley entered and greeted her, Gramma put her tea down and began to knit. She commented on how good she looked and that she must have many gentlemen callers. She had an innocent smile, but her eyes "said different". While Ethan was deciding whether to stay with Lena or go to the party, Gramma tells him to go and check in on her in a few minutes.[2]

When Ethan, Marian, and Link finally arrived in Ravenwood, Gramma was there protecting Ryan. Ethan asked if Ryan could come with them to heal Boo and Macon, but they wouldn't let Ryan go. Del then reveals to Ethan that her mother is an Empath and that she is borrowing Ryan's healing powers and that she can do anything Ryan can do. When they finally reached where Lena's Claiming was, she grabbed Ethan's hand and they ran through the fire toward Macon. When they finally reached him she touched him and he and Boo healed. After they were healed, Gramma headed over to heal Mrs. Lincoln. After Ethan finally awakes he notices Gramma, Del, Marian, and Lena huddled over Macon's dead body crying.[3]

The day after Lena's Sixteenth Moon she and Del were talking about arrangements in the kitchen when Ethan walked in. He startled Del, but not Gramma. When he asked where Lena was, she replied that Ethan already knew.[4]


As an Empath, she can duplicate the powers of another Caster and use it for a certain period of time.  She duplicated the powers of Ryan so she can go heal Macon and Mrs. Lincoln since she was too young and couldn't defend herself.[5] She duplicated Lena's powers to stop the storm during Macon's funeral.[6]  She also duplicated Sarafine's powers. She also duplicated Macon's powers to help get Ethan the Book of Moons.


Silas Ravenwood is the former lover of Emmaline Duchannes. It's unknown whether or not she was the actual wife to Silas, but it's suggested.

Delphine Duchannes is the daughter of Emmaline. They have a supposedly close relationship as they're both claimed for the Light. It seems that Delphine is the only daughter Emmaline will "claim" as hers.

Sarafine Duchannes was the daughter of Emmaline. When Sarafine turned Dark, Emmaline disowned her.[citation needed] It's thought that they were close before she turned Dark.

Lena Duchannes is the granddaughter of Emmaline. She's considered the "favorite" because of her power, and the fact that she's not claimed for the Dark.

Ridley Duchannes is the granddaughter of Emmaline. When Ridley turned dark, she was disowned. When Ridley showed up at Ravenwood Manor uninvited, Emmaline used Ridley's powers and took them away from her for a little bit.

Ryan Duchannes is the granddaughter of Emmaline. When Mrs. Lincoln, Macon Ravenwood, and Boo Radley were hurt Ethan Wate asked for Ryan's help in healing them. Emmaline stepped up and said that she'd take her place, and used her powers as an Empath to temporarily absorb Ryan's power.

Film portrayal

In the 2013 film, she was portrayed by Eileen Atkins and took over Reece's role of seeing through Ridley when she showed up unannounced to the family dinner with Ethan.



  • Lena and Ridley lived with her for most of their lives.


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