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Emily Asher
Biographical Info
Birth name

Emily Ellen Asher







Family Information and Members
Love interest(s)

Ethan Wate (ex-boyfriend)

Supernatural Info


First seen

Beautiful Creatures

Last seen

Dangerous Dream

Emily Asher is one of the popular, yet extremely mean girls of Jackson High School, along with her best friend Savannah Snow. Emily had been to a dance with Ethan, but her night was so awful that from that day on she hated Ethan. (Thus earning her the nickname 'Ethan-hating Emily')

When Lena Duchannes arrived in Gatlin, she and her friends began to make fun of her on account of her family's name and reputation. Lena was only able to "survive" this thanks to Ethan Wate who had befriended her - which annoyed Emily since Ethan was her ex-boyfriend.

But, one day, Lena had the windows broken (using her powers) and the girls launched a campaign against her by claiming and accusing Lena of doing it (despite the fact that they had no knowledge of her supernatural heritage). They were helped by their mothers and, unknowingly, Sarafine Duchannes, Lena's own mother. She makes a final appearance in the series in Beautiful Chaos, alongside her best friend Savannah who begins to flirt with Link due to his changing into part Incubus. However, unlike Savannah, Emily is visibly repulsed at her best friend's sudden attraction towards Link and is somehow not affected by him like all the other girls were. She graduated in Dangerous Dream and sang at the graduation. 

In the movie adaptation, she is portrayed by Zoey Deutch. Also, she doesn't hate Ethan.