Sarafine Duchannes, strongest Dark Caster

Cataclyst is a term for a Caster who was once a Natural, but Turned Dark. It's unknown whether they have the same powers and potential a Natural does. During their first few months as a Dark Caster, they will experience an uncontrollable draw to fire.

In The Book of Moons there's a passage:

"The greatest of the darknesse being the powere closest to the wold & the undyrworld, the cataclyst. The greatest of the light being the powere closest to the wold & the undyrworld, the natural. Where there is not onne there cannot be the othere, as withoute darknesse there can be no light."


  • Elemental Manipulation: They are easily able to control the elements and the weather without hesitation. Their "go-to" element and weapon of choice is fire. They can start fires by accident called "The Wake of Fire" during the first few months as a Dark Caster.
  • Time Control: They are able to control and freeze time, but it's very rare if they can.
  • Reality Warping: They are able to manipulate reality with ease. So easy, even Sarafine was able to warp reality with Macon Ravenwood.
  • Kelting: They are able to speak non-verbally with other Casters that possess the same ability. Kelting is extremely rare. Most Casters aren't seen to do it, only very powerful casters.
  • Possession: They are able to possess other living beings and project themselves into the bodies of others.
  • Dark Fire Control: They are able to control the Dark Fire in Darkborns and control them.

Known Cataclysts


  • Fire is the trademark of Cataclysts.
  • As seen with Sarafine and Angelique, Cataclysts usually flex their fingers, and are described as power-hungry.