Caroline Evers
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Caroline Evers


Aunt Caroline



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Beautiful Darkness

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Dangerous Dream

Caroline Evers is Ethan Wate's aunt, the curator of the Savannah History Museum, and according to Ethan, has a 'legendary attention to detail', who lives in East Liberty Street, Savannah.


Link, Liv and Ethan visited Caroline after Lucille took them through the tunnels to Savannah.[1] Aunt Caroline gave the travellers, and Aunt Del, who had been looking for Ethan, tea and cookies, and let them look at her ransacked attic, which someone had broken into the morning before they arrive. It was there Ethan found out why Lila Jane was killed. Amma and Lena lied to Mitchell Wate that Ethan, who had committed his sacrifice and was dead, was spending time with her in another State to explain for his disapperance.[2] Caroline was sitting with Mitchell at Ethan, Lena, and Link's graduation.[3]


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