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Arelia Valentin
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Arelia Valentin



Family Information and Members
Love interest(s)

Silas Ravenwood

Supernatural Info

Caster- Diviner





First seen

Beautiful Creatures

Last seen

Before the Claiming (voice)

Arelia Valentin is Twyla's sister and Macon, Hunting and Leah's mother. She is a Light Caster and a Diviner, meaning she can see the future, which slightly annoys Amarie Treadeau, because she is a Seer, and likes to know things before everyone else. 


Arelia fell in love with Blood Incubus Silas Ravenwood, and had three children, Hunting, Macon and Leah. When Silas' father tore Arelia and Silas apart, she was forced to flee with her life because Silas was enraged and bloodthirsty. She took her daughter Leah and fled to New Orleans.

Years later, Macon goes to see her in New Orleans, and admits that he has fallen in love with a Mortal. Arelia gives Macon the Arclight that Silas gave her, and tells him the cast to entrap an Incubus in an Arclight. She warns that if he is trapped in the Arclight, he has to be released by someone else, he cannot set himself free. She gives him the cast to release an Incubus from the Arclight, warning him to give the Arclight to someone he trusts. She requested for a Keeper at the Lunae Libri and for Lila Jane Evers to be that Keeper.

Physical attributes

Arelia is described as a beautiful woman about Ethan's grandmother's age with spirals of black hair. She wore strands of beads around her neck, piled on top of the other, and ornate silver rings on her thumbs. She had the same exotic quality Marian Ashcroft possessed, as if she was somewhere far from here.[1]


As a Diviner, she can see flashes of the present and the future, and do things a Seer like Amma can't.


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