Abraham Ravenwood
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Abraham Ravenwood





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Stabbed by garden shears

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Abigail Tierney

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Beautiful Creatures (mentioned)

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Dangerous Deception (flashback)

Abraham Ravenwood was the father of the Ravenwood Blood Incubus line and is the person who coerced Sarafine Duchannes to turn Dark and taught her how to use her powers. He was also a father figure to John Breed, as he raised him since he was a child. He is considered to be the "one who started it all," with Darkness in casts. He was believed to be dead by everyone, but was soon discovered to be very much alive and out for revenge.


Abraham Ravenwood and his family lived in Ravenwood Manor and the other Ravenwood plantations before the Great Burning. He was originally a Light Incubus, he was able to feed on the memories, dreams and fears of mortals. During the Great Burning, he saw Genevieve turn into a Dark Caster and Aunt Ivy entrusted the Book of Moons to him for safekeeping. His brother Jonah tried to get them to run away, but Abraham refused saying that Ravenwood Manor was the most important of the Ravenwood plantations. He used the Book of Moons to cast the Daemonis Pactis to save Ravenwood Manor. His brother tried to imprison him in an Arclight, but he killed him before he had the chance completing the trade. This caused all of his descendants to become Blood Incubuses and he became the father of the Ravenwood Blood Incubus line.

He came to Sarafine Duchannes after she was Claimed Dark and convinced her to embrace her Dark nature. He also told her about them prophecy of the two Naturals.

He later adopted John Breed as an infant and raised him as his own child.[1] However, despite his deep concerned for John, he often used him and in fact saw him as nothing more than a malleable puppet for his own dirty work, this always caused John to black out when such an action was going on and afterwards held no memory of what he had done.

Abraham Ravenwood first came into the picture when Ethan Wate saw him in his visions and, shockingly, Abraham was able to see Ethan as well. In the vision Abraham turns around, looks at him and says while looking directly at him, "Ethan..." before the vision ends.[2] When Ethan told Macon Ravenwood about this, Macon was shocked and warned Ethan to be very careful. Abraham then made a public appearance when he demanded to know what had happened to John Breed, actually seeming to care for him. He and Sarafine attempted to make Lena Duchannes go Dark to ensure their safety that they will not die (since if she were to choose to go Light, all the Dark Casters living in their family will die as the other way around if she were to go Dark), but failed in their plan.[3]

Abraham then made his next appearance when looking for John Breed for some serious reason.[4] He visited Ethan in his room late at night believing him to have information on his whereabouts, only to get kicked out by Amarie Treadeau. He and Sarafine continued in their plan to locate John Breed, but once finding out about how the Order was broken by Lena's Claiming, they teamed up to find out who was the required sacrifice for Order to come back anew, contacting the Demon Queen to find out directly who it was. This plan failed when she kicked them out "not wishing to hear their voices" and to instead give the information to Ethan.

Lena murdered Sarafine when they planned to kill her. She trapped her in a circle of fire, burning her alive before walking away with Ethan; mirroring the same exact thing she did to her father back fifteen years prior when she left him to burn in their house.[5] Abraham didn't do anything and left her to die.

Abraham returned, revealed to have trapped Ridley Duchannes within a cage in his room, located in a New Orleans speakeasy, 'The Dark Side o' the Moon'.[6] Later, Ridley aided Lena in bringing back Ethan from the Otherworld by tricking Abraham into believing that they would make a trade for the Book of Moons, (John Breed offered as the bargain), however in the struggle that ensues, Abraham was weakened by Macon's apparent powers of pure light and is then killed by Link, ironically with a Mortal weapon- garden shears.[7]

Appearance and Personality

He is described as looking like a proper old man often wearing a suit and with a cane. However, he is shown to be very cruel and selfish murdering Sarafine in the third novel of the series using fire to entrap her in and burning her alive. Despite his usual cruel and sadistic side, it is hinted at that Abraham may have at one time been a caring person as being shown to have desperate need to locate his adoptive son John Breed and to make sure he has not been harmed.


As an Incubus, he has a strong amount of physical strength that is compared to a 2x4 impact and high speed. He can "Rip" or Travel to other places and also hear, see, and smell things that no mortal can. He is also shown to be able to have control over the elements and strong powers like that of a Caster. His powers are shown to be so powerful that when he so much as flicks a window panel with his fingers, causes the glass to shatter into pieces. He has the ability to possess like his adoptive son John Breed and use them like a puppet, although this usually causes the vessel to pass out directly after. As seen in Beautiful Darkness and Beautiful Chaos, Abraham can summon Vexes and other dark creatures from the Underworld, another reason why he is the most powerful Incubus in the Caster world. Also seen in Beautiful Chaos, Abraham has also been shown to be able to cast Casts like Casters. One can assume that all Incubuses can Cast.


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